Frequently Asked

Questions you might have...


Should I choose airbrush or traditional makeup?

The choice is yours! If your heart is set on airbrush, let's do it. It's been told for years that airbrush is the better of the two but we disagree. Over the years, traditional makeup has evolved so much so that it can feel, look, and wear exactly like airbrush. People say airbrush is great for fine lines, photos, problem-prone skin, and is lightweight. The truth is, traditional foundation can be all of these things too! Even though our preference is traditional foundation, we do offer airbrush as well in order to accommodate all preferences!

How should I prepare for my wedding day hair/makeup?

Skin: For healthy skin, we recommend you to go get yourself a relaxing facial a few weeks prior to your wedding. We understand it's not in everyone's budget to get monthly facials so one facial a few weeks before your date will do! We also recommend you exfoliate your skin to ensure a smooth, glowy makeup application. Be sure to also drink PLENTY of water for the ultimate glow! Facial Hair Removal: If you're thinking about facial hair removal, waxing should be done 3-5 days before your wedding depending on your skin sensitivity. Hair: To prepare your hair for your wedding day, make sure to keep up with split ends by often going for trims. We normally recommend a hair trim every 6 months. Turn down your curling or straightening iron heat for healthy hair, and use heat protectant!!

What should I bring to my trial?

Bring any inspiration photos you have for you hair and/or makeup. Your trial is the time to bring the ideas you found on Pinterest to life! If you have any hair accessories you would like to try, be sure to bring those too!

How long will my hair/makeup take?

Trial - We schedule 45 minutes per service during each trial. Wedding Day - For your wedding day, we schedule 45-60 minutes per service.

Do I need an additional Artist or Stylist for my wedding day?

It depends on your timeline and how large your bridal party is. Please contact us and we will figure it out together.

Should I schedule a trial for my wedding day hair/makeup?

YES! You should absolutely schedule a trial. During your trial, we don't only create a custom look for your wedding day, we also talk through our contract and policies with you. If you are unsure whether or not we are the perfect fit for you, a trial will be your decision-maker! While you are in our chair during your trial, we consult with you to create a look or style you will love and feel comfortable in. We love trials because we love our brides! We love talking, laughing, and creating memories with you. During your trial, ask all the questions you may have... we're ready for you!

How do I book The Beauty Nova for my wedding?

To kick off the booking process, you can fill out this contact form. Be sure to provide the date and location of your wedding. From here, you will receive an email from us within 24 hours. This email will contain a link to a brief bridal questionnaire which we ask all of our brides to complete prior to booking a trial. The questionnaire will fill us in on the important details of your wedding and what you will require from us. Once we've received your questionnaire, we will email you again to schedule your trial. During the trial, we will create a custom look to your liking and run through the contract and our policies. If you're in love with your trial, we will send you your contract! To secure your wedding date with us, we require a retainer and signed contract.


What are lifestyle beauty services?

Our lifestyle beauty services are for anybody who wants or needs to be glammed for an occassion... or no occassion at all, they just want to feel special! We recommend these services for engagement photo sessions, newborn photo sessions, parties, proms, headshots, and other special occassions.

How long do lifestyle services typically take?

Depending on the service, you can plan to be with us for up to an hour so relax, kick your feet up, and sip that bubbly ;)

Does my lifestyle makeup service include false eyelashes?

The answer is... yes! Your makeup services always include custom individual false lashes. We do keep strip lashes on hand if that is what you'd prefer.

How should I prep for my service?

Makeup - Come with a fresh, clean face. If you moisturize on a daily basis, feel free to do so before your appointment. If not, we always take care of our guest's skin before every application. For the best results, please be sure to groom your eyebrows prior to your appointment. Hair - Come with clean, dry hair. Some believe dirty hair holds better, which may be true, but we like it better clean! We can always "dirty" your hair with products if needed.


What is your travel fee?

Our travel fee is $0.70 per mile round trip (per artist/stylist) from Torrington, CT.

Do you have a travel minimum?

Yes. We have a minimum of 4 people per service (not including flower girls).

When do you require hotel accomodations?

Traveling 2+ hours one way, we require hotel accomodations. This will be discussed at the time of booking.

Beauty Bar

How does a beauty bar work?

Depending on how large your event is, we bring 2-3 Artists and/or Stylists to keep your guests entertained. We ask that you place us by an open outlet for concepts which require the use of hot tools. Beauty bars are great for 2-5 minute makeovers that will make your guests feel special. Our beauty bars are intended for events such as grand openings, open houses, birthday parties, anniversary parties, charity events, and more. If you are interested in having one of our beauty bars at your charity event, please contact us directly for information.


Does The Beauty Nova offer help with charity?

Yes, we do! We love helping out in any way possible. We are humans just as everyone else is. If your organization is in need of extra hands, please contact us directly by email, we would be happy to help.

Can I hire The Beauty Nova for a styled shoot?

Yes, you can! Creating is our passion. We love what we do and we can say that honestly. For photo shoot rates, please contact us by clicking here. We do TFP upon request.

What kind of products does The Beauty Nova use?

Each of our Artist/Stylists kits differ. Our team chooses products that they know well and what works the best. The Beauty Nova guarentees longevity of each style and application. If you have any allergy concerns, please contact us and let us know before your appointment. We do our best to keep products stocked that are hypoallergenic.