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Hi! I am the owner and lead hair and makeup artist at The Beauty Nova. I often am asked how I got into bridal hair and makeup. My passion for makeup started with an L.A. Colors eyeshadow palette in middle school where I started playing around with makeup on myself. I began to be asked by friends and their friends to do their makeup for school dances. My love for makeup soon led me to a passion for hair. I had attended a technical high school for cosmetology where I developed a passion for styling. 1500 hours later, I passed my state boards test and acquired my cosmetology license. In my Junior year, I had set a goal for myself during prom to book 10 girls for makeup. I ended up doubling my goal with 22 prom appointments. This was when I realized what I was worth and what I could achieve with my skills. A few months after my high school graduation, I turned my high school dream into a reality and opened my business at the age of 18.

I have always been passionate about all things business so being a business owner was less of a struggle and more of a natural high! I pride myself on my ambition and assertion. My favorite subject in high school was economics and is now marketing. I am currently a full-time college student who cannot wait to graduate and pursue my business full-time. Naturally, I am an introvert but can be outgoing when I need to be... I do love a good conversation! I am a listener first, a speaker second. On my days off I like to spend my time hiking with my boyfriend, whom I have been with for over 3 years, and tending to my houseplant collection. As a result of having two brothers, I was always a tomboy but grew to be a girly-girl! Growing up, I was on a competitive jump rope team and played soccer, football, and basketball. My true love was basketball, I had played the sport from first grade up until my senior year of high school. Now that you know about me, I would love to learn about you! Why don't you click the button below and send me some interesting facts about you!


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What is one product you can't live without?

Mascara! It can make anyone appear more awake!

What is your favorite beauty advice?

The key to beautiful foundation is all in the skin prep! Invest in your skin. Drink plenty of water for glowing skin and wear SPF.

Who is your inspiration?

Patrick Ta

What is your favorite quote

"The energy of the mind is the essence of life." - Aristotle